IPTV Reseller means reselling the IPTV from major service providers to your local or online customers. We will provide you with a control panel (which is very simple), with which you can easily create essays, modify users and sell subscriptions. Each line in this panel will cost you very less than the normal subscription and you can sell it at a normal market price or at custom prices that you want to sell. You can also take a test

Some reseller panel capabilities:

Dedicated DNS selection
Select categories
Create a sub-reseller
Add credit to sub-reseller
Easy Buy Credit
50 Test Line per day.
“You can enter the iptv business world by purchasing a panel of resellers. In the dedicated iptvtree panel, you will have different capacities. "
John Doe

Learn more about the IPTV Tree dedicated panel

Customize your channels or better say the categories you want, and you can easily edit the user line each time the customer requests you to delete or add categories. You can view MAC addresses or lines of different formats in the panel and then create lines.

you can help us selling IPTV, The Aslo, having a new reseller panel. On reseller panel you can have your own IPTV clients, with all options, fully guaranteed privacy in your business. I mean, you can have your own DNS, and have your own list of clients, your own price list. if you are inrested you can see more details about the reseller service here.

About DNS: TYou can create your own domain name as well as submit it to your sub reseller and if your sub reseller requests you to change your domain name or DNS. You can easily do that for him.

About Sub-Reseller Service: To create each sub-reseller you have to pay 10 credits. That these 10 credits will be automatically deducted from your balance. You can offer your sub-resellers different prices. Note that the price list will not change at all. More to explain: You can’t set a price list for your sub-reseller. Only when adding credit. For example, get 1 euro instead of 2 euro.

Reseller Joy regular

1 Month = 1 Credit: $2.66
3 Months = 3 Credit: $8
6 Months = 6 Credit: $16
1 Year = 10 Credit: $32



    50 Credit
Test 24H = 0 Credit Purchase



    110 Credit
Test 24H = 0 Credit Purchase



    220 Credit
Test 24H = 0 Credit Purchase

Reseller Joy Pro

1 Month = 10 Credit : $13.33
3 Months = 15 Credit : $20
6 Months = 20 Credit : $26.66
1 Year. = 30 Credit : $40



    150 Credit
Test 24H = 0 Credit Purchase



    330 Credit
Test 24H = 0 Credit Purchase



    660 Credit
Test 24H = 0 Credit Purchase

Some Frequently Asked Questions About the IPTV Reseller

For the moment, we accept PayPal, and Bitcoins:

Here are the account details to pay the reseller account: For PayPal, use the Friends and Family option ONLY PayPal email:

BTC address: Please contact us for an updated email address.

For any additional help, contact us anytime and ask questions.




Simply pay 200 EUR with PayPal, confirm it and wait min. We’ll send you a connection and user guide from the control panel so you can easily understand and start selling.

The prices for a line reseller are below:

1 Month = 10 Credit: $10
3 Months = 15 Credit: $15
6 Months = 20 Credit: $20
1 Year. = 30 Credit: $30

Here is a quick overview of the Reseller Guide:

1. Log into your account

2. Go to create the line

3. select the user’s package, for example 1 month Full IPTV or 24 hours IPTV Trial Full

4. Click Create Line

5. Go to Manage Lines

6. Go to the green download icon

7. Choose m3u> mpegts

8. Copy this m3u link and you’re done.

For any additional help, contact us anytime and ask questions.

Just fill out this form and write your payment email and transaction ID in the message box and it will be best to add a screenshot of the transaction. We will get back to you as soon as possible after verifying your payment.

What is the URL of my portal for me and how to create MAG LINE?

# OS Nom de l’application Lien pour télécharger et installer (officiels ou IPK)
1 Android IPTVhttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ru.iptvremote.android.iptv&hl=en
2 iOS GSE IPTVhttps://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/gse-smart-iptv/id1028734023?mt=8



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