How to bring IPTV channels to PS4 using Plex


Step 1: start by downloading Notepad ++ and install it to go to the next step.

Step 2: Now go to and create an account. As we mentioned in the article above, with plex you can stream movies, music and images from your computer, but this guide will focus on IPTV for PS4.

Plex main page

Step 3: After creating your account, go to the “Downloads” section and search for “Plex Media Server” and download it.

Plex download page

Step 4: After downloading and installing Plex, you can continue and launch it.

Plex launch page

Step 5: Now you need the IPTV plugin for Plex. You can download the IPTV plugin for Plex by clicking here.

Step 6: After extracting the folder, you need to paste the whole folder (IPTV.bundle-master) to this location:

C: / users / “username of your computer” / AppData / Local / Plex Media Server / Plug-ins

Step 7: After extracting the zip file, you will see a sub-folder called content, inside this folder, there is a file called info (.plist). Right click on this file and select the option “edit with Notepad ++”, you will notice this image:

Editing the playlist for Plex

Step 8: Now you need to remove the bold section from the line:

<! – <string> UseRealRTMP </string> ->

and just go

<string> UseRealRTMP </string>

just like the picture below:

Step 9: Enter the “Content” folder and open “resources”. Here you need to download your M3U playlist and replace it with the playlist file that already exists in this folder.

Plex M3U

Step 10: Return to the “IPTV.bundle-master” folder and rename it to “IPTV.bundle”

Step 11: The PC part is finished for now. Turn on your PS4, open the store and search for PLEX and download it.

Download Plex PS4

Step 12: After downloading and launching Plex on PS4, you need a code to log into your account which you can go to and enter.

4-digit Plex code

Step 13: As a final step, open Plex on your computer and then on your PS4 to watch the channels you added earlier.

Please note:
* The Plex must be open all the time on your computer before watching the channels on your PS4.
* Don’t forget to close and restart PLEX on PC and Playstation after updating playlist.m3u in the resources folder.
* Channels are also available to broadcast on your phones and tablets via the Plex application on your PC.

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