configure IPTV using the XtreamTV plugin in Enigma 2

In this tutorial, we will show you how to integrate IPTV channels into your Enigma2 device and explain some aspects of it. Please note that you must use a computer for this guide.

An overview of Enigma2

Is primarily an operating system version (operating system) that you store on the box.

For example Enigma 2, there would be a variety of options, for example Open ARP.
Each version will include many features and equal levels of stability.


Measures the appearance and style of lists and menus.
You can fix this by downloading other skins.


A predefined menu of how channels are organized and listed. For example, film, news…

This makes searching for a channel much easier and the list is always updated automatically.


These are chain logos which roughly resemble the title of the chain.
They are automatically arranged with the Bouquets and will make it easier to find a channel.


These are add-ons that add additional functionality to the device.

Where can I get a plugin?

These are freely accessible on the Internet. For example, the XtreamTV plugin.
By purchasing a pre-configured box with the necessary useful plugins previously installed on it.

How to add IPTV channels to Enigma2 using the XtreamTV plugin

Step 1:  Start by downloading the necessary items. Download the XtreamTV and DCC_E2 plug-ins (Dreambox Control Center for Enigma2), extract the two files and open DCC_E2. After opening DCC_E2, enter your Enigma 2 IP address and in the login section you can use the word “Root” for the username and password. Now click on “reconnect”.

Note: You can find the IP address of your device under Menu> Information> Network.

Step 2:  After having successfully connected to your box, go to the “FTP” section and go to this path “/ var / temp /”. In the right side, navigate to the location where you saved the XtreamTV plug-ins and move it to the temporary folder.

Information on the version of the XtreamTV plugin that you must install in your box:

Mips32el is applied to most boxes. For example VU zero, Vu + Duo, Zgemma and often above openpli 4 boxes or new images.
Mipsel is applied to old boxes such as the DM800 clones with the old openpli 2.1.
Sh4 is applied to boxes similar to the spark.
Armv7a is applied to new boxes like Vu + 4k and gigablue sf4008.

Step 3:  Now go to the “Telnet” section and paste the following scripts and press “Enter”.

opkg install /tmp/XtreamTV_0.0.1_armv7a.ipk
opkg install /tmp/XtreamTV_0.0.1_mips32el.ipk
opkg install /tmp/XtreamTV_0.0.1_mipsel.ipk
opkg install /tmp/XtreamTV_0.0.1_sh4.ipk

Step 4: After installing the plug-in as a final step, you must provide your XtreamTV plug-in ID (Mac address) to your IPTV distributor or add it yourself to your dashboard.

Note: You can find the XtreamTV plug-in ID after entering the plug-in with your Enigma2 device under “Device details”.

Let us know in the comments section below your opinion and comments regarding this article. Thank you in advance.

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